Kids Are Like Campfires

This one is a SPIT fire 😉

Kids are like campfires.

You start with the tinder.

The tiny pieces carefully gathered and gently placed.

Next the kindling.

You have to build them up slowly and carefully.

You must offer enough fuel for the flame without snuffing it out with too much at once. You feed them a little at first – more as they grow. Always mindful of what they can handle.

It’s called “tending” a fire.

Part of the responsibility is to shelter it from harsh elements.

It takes skill and practice to learn how to do this without smothering it.

We all falter in our tending.

No matter how many times you’ve built a fire there are challenges.

Days when it just doesn’t seem like there is any flame to be coaxed out of those little tinders.

When it seems easier to stay hidden in your shelter and pray that someone else will tend your fire for you.

There are days when you feel you can barely contain the heat!

And awful moments when a storm has nearly doused your flame completely and you must desperately pull life from the embers!

Sometimes – despite our careful observation and diligence, we get burned.

Those burns are so very painful, they make us wonder why we even started to play with fire in the first place!?

Other times, the flame goes out.

We are left in the cold, where we are reminded of the value and beauty of fire.

Yet – there is nothing more beautiful than watching a fire dance.

Hearing it’s delightful snap and crackle.

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting back, basking in the warmth and glow – knowing you built that mystical magical thing from the ground up!

Nothing can leave a group of people in more contented silence than staring into the fire.

No matter how long it burns,

No matter how big or small or bright the flame.

You forget about all the work it takes,

You just appreciate that it is a splendid thing….

Yep, Kids are like campfires


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