The Breath

pexels-photo-612914.jpegLet go of forcing.

Let go of expectation, and deadlines, and timelines.

Embrace quiet moments, and slowness and tenderness.

Move with purpose not pressure.

Give your breath volume.


Let the breaths pace be your metronome.

Notice as you lift and settle with each breath cycle, not just in body but heart and mind.

Give your breath space

Feel it

Use the expansion to remind you of your own capacity.

Notice that given the opportunity, your body will slow the breath, it will deepen and take more.

There is always room for more breath, just as there is always capacity for more love, more patience, more forgiveness, power, healing, grace….

There is space in the body, just as there is in the heart and mind.  To cultivate tenderness toward self, toward others…

Let the breath carry you.

Each inhale you feed and foster,

Each exhale you soften, surrender,

Slowly moving closer and deeper toward an unknown something.

Breath by sweet breath you travel toward a new sense of calm, or competence or strength.  Perhaps it is balance, or perseverance or flexibility.

The breath cues the body to be at ease.

It cues the mind to rest

It calms the heart and slows the rhythm.

The breath also lifts the spirit.

It brightens our mood.

It fuels our muscles and mind and wills us onward.


The breath will hold you up when life has you weak at the knees.

The breath will anchor you when you wish you could flee.

The breath can sustain you in moments of pain, and sadness, and fear.

When the intensity of your experience feels unbearable, when fate is playing cruel games or you believe you are facing the impossible…

The breath – YOUR BREATH

Will illuminate your fortitude, feed your flames of vitality, and open your mind to possibilities.

Your breath will keep you aloft through your heaviest, most tenderising moments – and then gently place you in a position of readiness.
If you let it.
If you trust it
If you USE it.




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1 thought on “The Breath

  1. Beautiful thank you 🙏


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