Approach and Services


I work from a strength based and anti oppressive foundation.  All relationships are collaborative, driven by client goals and priorities.  My approach draws heavily from cognitive and dialectic behavioral therapy and is influenced by my training in mindfulness practices as well as my professional experience in adult mental health case management.  My style is eclectic.  A mix of discussion based therapeutic approaches, motivational interviewing and mindfulness and attention training.  I encourage appropriate use of resources and independent client reflection.  All are welcome.  True Nature is a safe and respectful space for all.

Areas of specialty are mindfulness coaching, attention training and emotional regulation. 

I encourage individuals with anxiety, mood disruption, difficulties with attention and self regulation, as well as those recovering from brain injury or coping with pain to connect to discuss counselling or coaching options.

If you struggle to understand or identify emotions, have experienced trauma, have borderline personality diagnosis, anger management difficulties or are experiencing ‘burn out’ (moral injury) True Nature Services may be of great use to you.  

For individuals who seek to understand their experiences and feel a greater sense of control over their response and coping; who seek opportunities to grow, support mental health, strengthen resilience, communication, confidence and relationships.  True Nature is here to support your goals. 

I welcome inquiries for individual sessions, small groups and school communities.  Telephone, video conferencing and outdoor sessions can be accommodated.


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