Go Walking

20180626_210300Go walking.
On a warm spring night, a cool summer’s evening.
When ever you find yourself free.
Look up at those you pass.
Say hello
Make comments about the flowers and the weather.
Notice the sounds of the birds and the crickets.
Hear the hum of traffic and the vague chatter of voices from here and there.
Walk fast, and SLOW
Stop in your tracks to sniff blooming crab apples and pick wildflowers.
Sit down in the middle of the walkway and observe the busy lives of ants.
Feel the breeze on your skin.
The sun on your shoulders.
Gaze skyward and draw breath from the heavens.
Find what pleases you and walk towards it.
Reach your hand out and touch,
Immerse yourself in the scent of it.
Memorize the feeling of delight.
Enjoy the flavor of your freedom
Go walking

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