General Bio

Kate is registered with the Ontario College of Social Work and Social Service Workers as well as the Ontario Association of Social Workers. As a life long lover of all beings, especially human, she began her education with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Guelph, followed by a Bachelor of Social Work from University of Manitoba during which time she began a family and a career in adult mental health.

Working for a rural hospital Kate’s career has afforded many opportunities for ongoing training. She is a certified Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Trainer (ASIST), A life skills coach (Level 1&2) and has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She has worked 9 years in individual case management, 2 years in complex care coordination and 1 year as an adult mental health provider with indigenous peoples. Prior to starting her career she was also a crisis line respondent working with survivors of sexual violence and trauma.

In her personal life Kate’s deep belief in resilience has been fostered by her own journey with illness and injury. Having recovered first from viral meningitis and then a brain injury resulting in post concussion syndrome Kate has become highly aware of the distinct challenges individuals face during long and complex recoveries.

The journey of personal recovery lead Kate to study yoga, meditation and neuro-plasticity. She has since become a certified yoga instructor and level 1 Irest Yoga Nidra Teacher. Her emphasis is on using these practices to compliment recovery and build resilience.

Mother to two big hearted busy boys, wife to an extremely driven energetic man, Kate refers to herself as the “tortoise among hares”. She has learned a great deal about ADHD, dyslexia and emotional regulation. She understands the delicate balance of advocating for your children both inside and outside the school environment.

Kate believes every experience is an opportunity to grow in our understanding and connect more deeply with one another.  In order for this to work we need to reflect and be willing to share.  She subscribes to a strict philosophy of honesty and authenticity which she strives to pepper with a healthy dose of humour. (The greatest tool in the healing quest!) If you spend time with Kate she will challenge you to welcome emotions, encourage you to get outside, remind you to lengthen your breaths. She will gently nudge you towards acceptance of self and others, and possibly, should the opportunity arise, she may pull you onto a dance floor!

Above all, helping you determine your best life, offering tools and support along your path is Kate’s heartfelt mission and deepest joy.

For coaching or collaboration message directly to discuss opportunities.

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