An Open Letter, to Everyone

pexels-photo-744662.jpegDear Human,

I see you.

I know you are trying, just as I am.

I know you lay awake sometimes wondering if you are doing okay.  

You take long drives wondering where things went wrong.

Maybe sometimes you snuggle under a blanket thinking about how wonderful life is – and worrying about all the work it takes to keep it ‘just so’.


I know you exhaust yourself with it all.

The hustle.  The struggle.  The circle game.

I know you have moments of delight sprinkled across your plate.

Sometimes they are tossed with a heavy hand, sometimes so sparse and fleeting you barely noticed.  But they were there.


I see you.

Some days you look at the world with the eyes of a child.

You scan the landscape for beauty, and take joy in the lights and sounds.

You admire the trees, the green grasses and the scent of the breeze.


I see you.

Some days your eyes are dark and weary.

Some days your eyes are cold.

Some days you walk with your head hung low – as if you are hiding in plain sight.

Other days you move like thunder, demanding to be noticed.


I know that you waver between a desire for peace and an impulse to fight for your life.

I know you are confused about what you were taught, what you have learned and what you feel in your heart is right.

I know that life has slapped your right cheek with love and kindness more than once, and just ask quickly jolted your chin with a left hook of anger and cruelty.

I know that you are straddling precariously.  Stretched to your full length and more by the expectations you feel placed upon your shoulders and the path forward you see for yourself.


I see you.

I see your light.

I know that you to keep it all in motion.

I know that it takes strength to hold it all together.

I know you feel completely lonely – and crowded at the same time.

People  – like water, everywhere and you are drifting.


You don’t get it right all the time.  

Maybe you don’t get it right often. But you keep trying.

I see you

I believe in you.

I’m in it with you.


I know that there are people in your life who need your forgiveness – and it’s hard.

I know there are people from whom you want forgiveness – and they withhold it.

I know you feel ripped off sometimes.  Cheated, left behind, over looked, taken advantage of….

I know you play small sometimes.  Afraid to take the space you are worthy of.  Afraid of what people may think, or say.

I see you.  I have been where you are.

We will visit this place more than once.


It’s okay.

You can move forward, you can take your space!

You can make the changes you dream of, you can carve the path for yourself.

We can do this!


Life is hard friend.

Be at ease.

It’s not because you are getting it wrong.

Life is just hard.

AND beautiful

AND confusing









All of it.


Be at ease

I see you, you’re getting there, you’ve got this.

Keep growing.



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