Healing is Metamorphosis

1000473_10152981832105564_1759947319_nHealing is not time wasted. No more so than the time a caterpillar spends inside the cocoon. It is a time of growth and development.

When you face adversity and recover you don’t come out the same.  You change.  You learn, you become more resilient.  It’s hard work though.  Just as it is for the butterfly to build its wings. If you are going to soar on the wind you need to come out strong and ready.

Healing is not the same as sitting idle.  Healing is process.  As you heal you are shedding your old self and growing into someone new.  This may be subtle or highly apparent.  You may develop new skills and strengths, or ideas and passions.  Maybe a new view of the word or a more colourful personality.  Some of this is beyond your control and some is entirely yours to decide.

As you anticipate your future, put some thought into the opportunity that has been laid before you.  I know it probably does not feel like opportunity at all.  Nor would it feel that way for the caterpillar as it hangs in it’s coffin of silk.  And yet – it is all the same.  There is a magical unknown in front of you.  A new beginning of sorts.  YOU will have a chance to meet yourself again.  This time you will be someone with insight and wisdom gained from hard fought recovery.  You did not get to decide what you would face – but you do get to decide how you face it – and you will get to decide which direction to fly. What will that look like?  Where will this take you? Who will be there?  What new faces and places will you discover?

Right now it may feel as though you are stuck.  These are slow moving days.  Days that test your will and demand a practice of patience.  One day sooner than you think, to your surprise and delight, you will nudge your way through the barrier that shields you. You will unfold your wings. You will take a moment to observe your surroundings, to get your barrings. You will flutter tentatively for a moment or two.  Then,  when the time is right you will turn your face to the sun and take to the world anew!

YOU are not waiting for something to happen.  It is happening!



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