Healers Manifesto

Healing Comes

I will start each day with three slow breaths.

The first a reminder to breathe,

The second to fuel mind and body,

The third to foster patience.

I will speak kindly to myself, honouring the strength it takes to heal.

I will respect all the faces of my healing, on my good days and my hard days.

I will move through the phases of grief, and gift myself permission to feel all emotions.

I will seek within myself and trust my own power to overcome.

I will allow others to assist me.

I will consider their advice, but honour my own wisdom above all.

I will allow others to support me.

When I grow weary I will take shelter in the arms of their faith, in their hope and their belief in me.

I will observe myself with interest and curiosity, so that I build my insight and take charge of my healing.

I will rest.

I will move

I will nourish myself with good people, good food, fresh air and joyful moments.

I will try new things – and I will try again and again.

I will forgive myself when I falter, and continue on each day to heal with grace, humility and a fierce devotion to SELF.



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1 thought on “Healers Manifesto

  1. Sounds like a great way to start the day


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