Making a Healers Choice

meditation-aids-healingRecovery is not a simple matter of waiting. It is hard work – and a process best described as a series of choices. Every day the healer makes dozens of choices. What attitude will we face the day with? What will we engage in? What will we avoid? Who will we reach out to when we are in need of guidance? Support? A pep talk? We are called upon to make compromises, changes and sacrifices. We are called upon to practice humility, to ask for help and move through grief as we leave behind what, for now, can not be done.
When we do what we must, what we need to do, even when it is not what we wish- we are making a Healer’s Choice. When we search deep within, and listen to what the body is telling us – we become the healer. We are all imperfect in this. Life is LIFE, we are all merely human. But the job of recovery requires a heavy helping of Healer’s Choices. Every day we muster courage and strength (and hopefully a dose of humour). We crawl over the mountains of frustration, claw through the mud of wishes and worries and EMBARK on the healing with an inner monologue that begins by screaming ‘’I will do whatever it takes!’’
In my own recovery I have made it a point to say ‘’YES’’ to anything that can not harm me. Saying ‘’yes’’is about opening up to possibilities. It’s about letting go of pride, prejudice and preconceived ideas. It’s about giving others the privilege of trying to help you – and giving yourself the gifts of connection and hope. After all, if it can’t hurt you, what is there to lose? AND doing something is far better than doing nothing.
If someone offers you essential oils – you say ‘’Grease me up!’’
If someone offers massage ‘’Sign me up!’’
Yoga and meditation ‘’OM g YES please!’’
Energy work? ‘’Sure why not!?’’
Crystal Healing? ‘’Heck ya’ ‘’
Voodoo chicken healing dance? ‘’Let me get my shoes!!’’
It’s all about choices. So make your choices Healer’s Choices.
It takes W.I.T to heal.
It takes Whatever It Takes….so you’re gonna’ hafta’ find it.
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