A few thoughts on being a parent…


What love is this?

Words fail my sentiments.

I am left speechless, breathless, richly fulfilled and terror struck.

Desperately trying to memorise the feel of their hands in mine.

The way their warm little heads tuck perfectly under my chin when they sneak into my bed for a midnight snuggle.

What love is this?

That holds me up and yet begs my knees to buckle.

Their laughter is magic.  Their happiness is my wealth.

I thought the task was to teach the child.

I thought my work was rearing them, molding them into the people we want them to be.

Now I understand, mine is simply to witness them.

I am called to honour the people they already are and help them see that the world does not just want them…it NEEDS them.

What love is this that has gripped me so tightly?

My joy and my fears are one and the same.  Watching them grow, letting them go.

This love clouds my eyes.

No matter how worldly they become, I see infant faces and innocent hearts.

One day those soft cheeks will be rough and firm with whiskers.

Their once tiny hands will become builder, creator, holder, healer, nurturer.

I will nuzzle my nose into the crook of their necks and whisper my words of pride and delight.

I will tell them they have become everything I knew they could be and more.

I will tell them how lucky I am to know them, to love them, to be loved by them.

What love it this?

The love of a child – that defies words but begs description.

A love that grows with every breath you take – and is amplified by each of theirs.

A quiet love your heart would have you screaming from rooftops.

The love of a child

The Love of a child

The LOVE of a child

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