Collaborate with Me


I am always approachable for projects that promote a sense of community, health and resilience. I have a number of deep personal interests and would love to collaborate or discuss opportunities to deliver talks, yoga practices or programs.

Areas of passion range from illness and injury recovery to managing ADHD and distraction. Of course yoga, breath work, relaxation and stress management are powerfully important as is (in my opinion)neuro-plasticity and growth mindset.

I have extensive experience supporting individuals with serious mental illness, developmental disabilities and physical illness. My work over the years has allowed me to become competent and confident in large or small groups, with all ages. I am a skilled systems navigator and the mamma of a child who struggles with insomnia. So….I guess there is a lot we could talk about!

I am a deep believer in shared experience, in assisting others to find their best way forward and in learning through observation, experience and experimentation.

There are no wrong turns, only newly discovered directions!

Be in touch 🙂


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