The tiny seed, alone in darkness must at times feel it is an eternity.
Must crave the light.
Must feel desperate to escape the cold and feel the sun.

I wonder, does the seed feel itself open?
Does the seed recognize tiny sprouts emerging?
Might those delicate tendrils expanding and taking root be the seeds hope? Be the seeds trust?
Be the seeds determination?

Does the seed notice its own changes
Or do they happen so slowly they go unnoticed?
Unseen as they are to those of us above ground?

I planted a seed.
I waited impatiently.
Worried nothing would emerge.

I waited, I watered, I checked.
Feeling it was taking forever,

Then one day seemingly out of nowhere.
All of a sudden, after all that time…
Life emerged, growth reared its sweet green head.

Trust proven worthy.
Worry proven unwarranted.
Hope validated
Determination rewarded.

Something is always happening.

Growth arrives in its own time.
It becomes apparent suddenly – with time

Know this.
Understand this
and EVERYTHING is possible.

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  1. Jacqueline Mooney February 10, 2020 — 9:14 am



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