The Veil

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If by chance the veil should fall between us.
Do not be saddened for long.
I know you.
I am here still.

Draw deep breaths and know me.
Feel my presence all about you.
For I have loved life with such force and passion that I can not be separated from what is living.

Turn your face to the sun.
The warmth on your cheeks is my love.
Surrender to warm breezes.
The wind is my breath.

I will be in the whispering branches of trees.
The rustling of autumn leaves.
I will be in wisps of smoke,
The scent of pine.

Find me, when you need me.
Under starry skies.
Let soft warm sweaters be my caresses.
Let long cups of tea be our togetherness.

In laughter, feel my joy.
Seek my voice in the early morning.
You will hear me.

I will be the loudest bird song.
I will be the soothing patter of rain.
I will be the rumble of the waterfall, crickets chirping,
The crackle of flames.

If by chance we should part ways for a time.
Honor life.
Drink deeply.
Pursue experience zealously and practice gratitude abundantly.

Savor the bittersweet journey of humanity.
Love all things and all people.
Do not fear, or judge or hate.

Have compassion, forgive, be curious and kind.
This place was here long before us.
So too shall it continue long after.

Let us leave it knowing we have enjoyed it well.
Respected it fully.
Shared it generously.
Passed it along carefully.

When my blanket has been drawn.
Know that I am resting happily.
At peace in darkness.
Just as I was in the light.

This life does not end.
It shifts, it changes.
It lives on…as do we.
I in you, and you in me.


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2 thoughts on “The Veil

  1. This is beautiful ❤️


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