I don’t simply dance, I am compelled to movement.

Capture by sound, driven – as a tree driven to sway by the wind.

Dance, the language of my soul.

Wordless, profoundly expressive.

Deeply personal, powerfully unifying.

As life animates the body music calls upon a primal story telling.

Indescribeable emotions of life, vast in their depth, excruciatingly beautiful, painful, compelling.

Heavy, rich, buoyant.

Spilled, shared, left behind on a dance floor. SATISFIED on the dancefloor.

Dripped in sweat and tears, evaporated, persperated, dedicated.

Heaving chest, breathless, spent. Abandon, chaotic rhythm, meaning, precision.

Arms, head, hips, legs. Feet fly, eyes meet, on the dancefloor

Purged of pain, infused with joy. Nothing more than THIS moment, on the dancefloor.

Audience, no audience.

Friends, strangers.

Nothing matters on the dance floor.

Head down, elbows UP. Take your SPACE, on the dancefloor.


Alone in a sea of people. Pulsing with the crowd. ALIVE.


Never taught or told, the body just knows, being moved, being LIVED on the dancefloor

Never right or wrong, just perfect expression. YOU. ME.

Unfiltered, unleashed, unabashed SELF in motion.

This is what moves me. This is why I dance. This IS dance.

What connects you with your most perfect sense of being?


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