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Healing is a deeply personal journey and requires that we use personal insight to guide our own process in the direction of our needs.  Sometimes this means following very simple long standing advice and other times it requires breaking away from the conventional. (Often a little of both!) No matter what -the best healing comes when you devote yourself to it with the same passion and care that you would devote to another.

“Renegade Healer” is a term I began using in my own healing journey when I decided to use any means necessary in order to heal.  To me – a Renegade ignores the confines of doubt and ego, they are willing to do what ever it takes to heal.  A Renegade will persist in advice seeking, self advocacy and self discipline until they know in their heart they are on the right path.

There are days when the healing journey just plain sucks.  On those days we all need a little push.  Personally, calling myself a Renegade makes me feel kind of bad ass.  Feeling bad ass is often just the push I need. “You ain’t takin’ me down…no way no how!”

Follow this blog if you are on a healing journey of your own, or if you are the support to a healer in action.  I aim to inspire, relate and share ideas that help both emotionally and practically.

Always, Always, no matter what know you are not in it alone.

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