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Our children challenge us to find the farthest reaches of every emotion.  For me, they are the lens through which I most frequently view the world. Life through their eyes is mystical, magical and CHALLENGING. A journey worthy of time – reflection and some fierce advocacy.

I love to write about the little moments.  The tenderising, humbling and ridiculous stuff that happens every day.  I love to reflect on what I learn and notice.  I love to recognise my children for their growth and the way I grow with them.  It’s important to notice and savour – they are such incredible moments, and so fleeting.

Writing about our journey with ADHD and SLEEP is another important topic for me.  Advocating for your child is a HUGE undertaking and when you are knee deep in both medical and educational systems it can feel impossible.  The sense of responsibility paired with an influx of unsolicited advice and strong opinions – the endless speculation about nutrition and routine, discipline, medication etc. … OMG!!  I write – to process my thoughts.  I write to share the emotions.  Most of all I write to try to convey a very important message. “It’s OK!”

Your child will be OK.  You can do this.  Don’t panic.  Have patience.

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