An Interview With Myself…

I have always wanted my own private practice. I can’t put words to the depth to which I feel called to ‘be’ there for others, to listen, support goals and champion confidence in others. It’s my jam. Over the years I have had countless friends and collegues express support and encouragement of this goal. Despite all my efforts to ‘walk the talk’ there was a wee small voice in the back of my mind whispering “who do you think you are?”. My friend Kristy calls it my dark passenger, my husband calls it the wrong side of humiity. I don’t know what to call it personally – all I know is I can not allow myself to be limited by it. With that I registered with the college of social work and launched True Nature Councelling and Coaching, in November 2020. Eeeppp! Woot! Onward!

My brother has always had a knack for picking thoughtful and timely gifts. This year he didn’t disappoint. Along with some other personal gems he included a book. Who The F*ck Am I To Be a Coach? By Megan Jo Wilson. I tucked into it immediately and felt I was reading the words of a kindred spirit. Someone who writes like I speak, and seems to have battled some of the same demons in order to fulfill her true hearts desire. When I got to page 45 there was a list of questions and I found myself really sitting with each one. It became a personal inventory and – I think – a worthwhile way to share myself. If these words resonate – perhaps I may be of service.

Side Note/ Coaching tip Always state intentions in the present affirmative. –

Question: What is the big vision for your coaching buiness in the next 10-15 years?


I am building a fulfilling full time councelling and coaching practice. Where nature, movement, emotion, connection and personal wisdom are all emphasized as intergral aspects of well being and recovery.

I continue to learn, adapt and integrate traditional therapy modalities as well as complimentary practices and theories such as walking, yoga, breath and body sensing, attention training and yoga Nidra. Clients who wish to explore the various benefits of talk therapy combined with physical movement or meditation will seek my services.

I have a broad client base but a specialty in supporting people experiencing moral injury, burn out or emotional dysregulation. I will eventually offer retreats, groups and workshops where people can create a sense of connection and community.

Question: What is your big vision goal for your coaching business in the next 12-18 months?


I meet 3-5 individuals per month based on needs, goals and availability. I regularly offer bits of writing and share resources through social media.

My writing and shared resources are a way not only to offer support and encouragement from afar but also to help people develop a sense of my style. Coming into a therapeutic relationship is a leap of faith, it is important to find a therapist or coach that feels like a good ‘fit’. I know it can feel intimidiating and uncertain. I want to ease that and create a sense of welcome.

Question: Who are your ideal clients?


I am seeking clients who are ready for honest productive conversations. People who believe or want to discover the power of personal insight and self trust.

Question: Who are you being?


This is my favorite question!

I’m not being anyone, I’m just being! I’m me. I am a life long lover of people, life and creatures big and small. My love of life and people has made me an avid observer. Through observation and experience I have learned to relate and discuss emotions. I deeply value emotions – all of them. I value communication and nature and movement. I believe in growth and change. I believe in laughter and community. Most of all I believe in kindness and resilience and the ability we all poses to heal!

Oh! And I love love love love love….to dance 😉

If I had to BE something I would like to be:

The embodiment of welcome. The voice of permission and the face of acceptance. I would like to be the messenger of unconditional self love of confidence and of permission to be exactly as you are.

Question: What’s the impact you’re having on your clients and on your world?


Healthy people make healthy communities. My impact on clients and the world is in the ripple effect. I can help individuals unveil their full self, discover their True Nature and understand how to connect to their wellbeing. Those healthy, happy, connected people carry on in the world and so it goes….

What are you most proud of?

Taking the leap!


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