Love Rocks


My little Loukah has always been a little anxious. He is fiercely connected to Momma’ and does not like being separated. Day care was hard, school was hard. He just prefers to be together. He was tiny when I suggested he could pick up a stone and hold it tight if he missed me. I love nature so the idea was he could feel me close if he put the stone in his pocket. We agreed he could keep it there and touch it quietly when he needed to throughout the day.

When Loukah started school I began finding his pockets loaded with stones. It took me a little time to catch on. Finally I asked…”are you picking these up because you miss mommy?” He replied “yes, they are my love rocks”. I began keeping them in a jar. It filled out into a beautiful vase that I deeply treasure and often use as a candle holder.

I don’t get as many rocks these days. He still does it, but less often. Which is a good thing. He is getting older, more confident and distracted by friends in the playground. This past Mother’s Day weekend however he got very excited…
“Mommy! I have an early Mother’s Day present for you!” He reached into his jacket pocket and presented a stone (the stone in the image here). He explained how he and a friend had been playing in the school yard and he discovered this heart shaped pebble. He knew exactly what to do.

My tender hearted wee man. A mothers greatest gift. This will be a treasured item all my life.

Love rocks, LOVE ROCKS


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