Anatomy of an Instagram Photo…

20180422_122224I have an Instagram account.  Mostly just because I am trying to keep up with the technological world and felt that I should.  I like it.  I am not super active – but I find it fun to post pictures and write little snip-its of what comes to mind to suit the moment or the shot.  I try to keep it real and unpolished.  Recently though, I stumbled into the realisation that I could achieve some cool yoga postures that I have always loved but never thought I would be able to do.  Wooed by excitement and pride – romanced by the setting we were in – and inspired by the knowledge that these accomplishments had come NOT from pressing and forcing but through patience and riding my breath until strength and flexibility came along…I asked my husband to take a photo for me.  Like EVERYONE ON THE PLANET…I chose the nicest one and posted it on my Instagram account.


That was not what my post was about and not what I want to put out to the world.  I don’t want to show my best side, my best angle, my prettiest lines and all my successes!  I want to show my reality!  I want to create connection and a sense of being “OK” by relating the beauty of imperfection.  The joy of navigating a clunky, clumsy ,chaotic existence and the power of self acceptance.  SO…in the name of honesty, humility and above all HUMOUR.  I give you….the anatomy of my Instagram photo.

We begin with ‘‘the approach’‘.  Note how I descend, with all the grace of an arthritic turtle and my sweater apparently tucked partially into my pants.  (At least it’s not my skirt caught in my panty hose – this time! 😉 )


Next I give you “phase one” wherein I attempted to move into position only to realise this was ”my stiff side”.  Note the look of wild disappointment after all my work to get down on the ground!  What did not get caught on camera was the moment when I actually tipped over like a little tea pot because I can not hold my balance on this side. 😀


The third image, now resting on ”my good side” – Oopps!  Glasses…wouldn’t want the world (AKA my 100 or so Instagram followers) to see me like THIS! 😉


Ah…ok…next shot, not sure why he zoomed in – but here you have the glasses free re-entry.  This is me pulling my foot into position before I grip it with my elbow.  Not quite so elegant now am I?


Annnndddd….just hang on a minute…I just gotta’ get my arm way up and back – and as long as I can hook my other hand I will be golden….”


“I’m there!  Ok babe!  Take the shot!  Take it!!  Did ya’ get it??”


“OK, I’m good here, I won’t fall again…try one with me smiling.”


Did you get the back ground?  No?  Babe – It’s all about the shot – one more please!  Get the river in it!”

YA….put THAT on Instagram 🙂

20180422_122224Just keepin’ it real folks.




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2 thoughts on “Anatomy of an Instagram Photo…

  1. Ally – I wanted to thank you for this comment, it felt SO nice to know you had a laugh out of it. That was the goal!


  2. Allison McLaughlin April 30, 2018 — 5:56 pm

    Kate!!!! I love this. It made me laugh so much! Arthritic turtle. Babe…get the river. I actually really love the one of you moving into the pose – the close up one with the sky – it is mid-pose and you are transitioning like the beautiful butterfly you are. xo

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